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Parkview Middle School has 3 boys to every 4 girls. Cypress Elementary School has 3 boys to every 7 total students. Both schools have 567 students. Which of the following statements is true.
a. Parkview has more boys than Cypress.
b. Cypress and Parkview have the same amount of boys.
c. Cypress has more boys than Parkview.
d. You cannot tell with the current information which school has more boys.

My Answer:
So I already know this much
Parkview Middle School
3:4 or 3/4

Cypress Elementary School
3:7 or 3/7

The part where I am getting confused is where they throw in that both schools have 567 students

I did for Parkview Middle school since I know
x=81 boys and girls

but then I get stuck

I did Cypress Elementary school I know
then I am stuck

Can you please help me

  • Math -

    I think my final answer would be A

  • Math -

    I think my answer is A because then I did the following:
    81x3boys=243 boys for Parkview Middle
    56.7x3 boys for Cypress Elementary=168 boys

    Please check this problem and let me know if I did it correct or if did something wrong.

  • Math -

    b/g = 3/4
    now 3 boys/7 girls is again 3 boys/4 girls
    the schools have the same number of girls, boys and totals.

  • TYPO -

    b/g = 3/4
    now 3 boys/7 total is again 3 boys/4 girls
    the schools have the same number of girls, boys and totals.

  • Math -

    How did you figure that out?
    Can you please walk me through the steps on this on how you arrived at that answer.

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