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Silas is going to use 5 ounces of glue and 2 ounces of detergent. What percent of his slime is detergent?

A 5%**
B 40%
C 71.4%
D 28.6%
E 42.9%
F 60%
G 250%

A bank charges 18.12% interest per year on a credit card account. Jose' closed his account and has a balance of $529.84 that he needs to pay off. How much interest will Jose' pay in the first month of paying off his balance? Round to the nearest cent. Write your answer using 2 decimal places

He will pay $96.00 in the first month

Meteorologists in Florida claim a 2.3% margin or error when predicting the temperature more than 3 days out, while Ohio meteorologists allow for a 13.5% error in their calculations. If meteorologists in both states are predicting a 68° day in 5 days, what is the range of possible temperatures in Florida and Ohio. Select all that apply.

A) Florida: 1.564° margin of error; 66.4° - 69.6° range
B) Florida: 65.7° - 70.3° range.
C) Ohio: 9.18° margin of error; 58.8° - 77.2° range
D) Ohio: 54.5°- 81.5° range

A ,C,D

  • Math -

    100* 2/7 = 28.6 %
    What on earth did you do?

  • Math -

    (.1812/12) * 529.84 = $12
    It is 18.12 PER YEAR
    divide by 12 for month

  • Math -

    .023*68 = 1.564 yes + 68 = 69.6 ok agree A

    .135 * 68 = 8.97 NOT 9.18 disagree on C
    8.97+68 = 76.97 NOT 81.5 disagree on D

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