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  1. Chem

  2. Chem

    Am I doing this right? Find the concentration of the phosphate ion. 1.00 mL 210 micro molar. DI water added to 25 ml line. 1.00 mL phosphate solution * 1L/1000mL * 210 mol phosphate solution/1L solution * 1.0 *10^-6 mol/ 1 micromol * 1 mol PO4 3- / 1 mol solution = 2.1*10^-7 ...
  3. Hardy Weinberg: Biology

    The other question is the second problem. Not sure how to derive at the answer. Could you help with this as well?
  4. Hardy Weinberg: Biology

    For Part 1: A. I did 111+69=180... 69/180=0.383. Square root that to get 0.619. Plug in that answer for q into eq'n p+ 0.619= 1. P=0.381 So, the rest of the problem would have different answers. So which one is correct? In a population ofDemogorgon draconemsthat are mating...
  5. Hardy Weinberg: Biology

    Can someone explain how to answer these questions given the different variables given? I have a test soon. Dr. Martin Brenner and his team have built a space ship which can travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) and travel to parallel dimensions. Dr. Brenner ...
  6. Statistics

    there is good evidence that moderate alcohol use improves health. some people think that red wine is better for your health than other alcoholic drinks. you have recruited 300 adults aged 45-65 who are willing to follow your orders about alcohol consumption over the next 5 ...
  7. math

    The cost of making a shirt is half of what the shirt normally sells for. Today, however, the shirt is on a 15% discount from its normal price. What is the current price of the shirt?
  8. Physics

    Using symmetry arguments, determine the direction of the force on q = +1.00 µC in Figure 17.33, given that qa = qb = +7.00 µC and qc = qd = -7.00 µC. Calculate the magnitude of the force on the charge q, given that the square is 10.0 cm on a side.
  9. Physics

    What is the force on the charge located at x = +8.00 cm in Figure 17.40(a) given that q = 1.00 nC and a = 7.50? (The positive direction is to the right.)
  10. Chemistry

    An acetic acid buffer solution is required to have a pH of 5.27. You have a solution that contains 0.01 mol of acetic acid. How many moles of sodium acetate will you need to add to the solution? The pKa of acetic acid is 4.74. Show all calculations in your answer.
  11. math

    If 8a?4b=20 and 4a?8b=4, then what is the value of a?b? i got 2
  12. math

    What is the value of x^2+y^2? if x+y=10 and x?y=8 i got 52(x=6, y=4) but its wrong
  13. math

    If m/n =5, then m^2?25n^2 = i got 0
  14. math

    If a+b=6, b+c=?3, and a+c=5, what is the value of a+b+c? i am not sure how to solve this but would you do this to solve it: A+B+B+C+A+A+C=6+-3+5
  15. math

    (a?b)/2 =3 and xa ? xb = 12, then x = (A) ?1 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 4 (E) It cannot be determined from the information given. i got c
  16. math

    a/b =6, b/x =36, and a=36, what is the value of 1/x ? (A) 1/2 (B) 2 (C) 3/2 (D) 4 (E) 6 i got e
  17. math

    If (a+b)^2=100 and (a−b)^2=64 What is the value of a^2+b^2? (A) 66 (B) 18 (C) 82 (D) 164 (E) 36 i got c
  18. math

    If x?y=a and x+y=b, then x^2?y^2 is: (A) a^2·b^2 (B) a^2+b^2 (C) a^2?b^2 (D) ab (E) b?a i got c is this right?
  19. geometry

    The lengths of the bases of the right trapezoid are 9 cm and 18 cm. The length of a longer leg is 15 cm. Find the area of the trapezoid.
  20. Geometry

    Given: ABCD is a trapezoid, AB = CD, BK ⊥ AD (they are perpendicular , AK = 10, KD = 20 Find: BC AD I got that BC is 15 and AD is 35 so I got BC/AD=15/35 is this answer right? and is so can you add the answer and an explanation
  21. Math

    wait, so the diagonal is 5, or 5 times 2
  22. Math

    Point Q belongs to side AB of square ABCD. The distances from point Q to the diagonals of the square are 2 ft and 3 ft. Find the diagonal of the square.
  23. geometry

    I never knew that, thanks
  24. math

    A rhombus has sides 10 cm long and an angle of 60 degrees. Find the distance between a pair of opposite sides. can u plz post the answer down with explanation. thanx, :)
  25. science

    There are different ways energy is sourced from, but one of the most eco friendly is definitely solar power.
  26. OK History

    I need someone to make sure my answers for my Oklahoma State History homework are correct. I put *** by my answers. If I am wrong, please explain why or help me find the right answer. Thanks in advance! 1. Indian Territory after the Civil War experienced growth in all of the ...
  27. ocher

    Estimate how many theoretical plates are needed to separate a mixture that has a mole fraction of B equal to 0.70 (70% B) in Figure 15.3.
  28. math

    The figures in (a) and (b) below are made up of semicircles and quarter circles; the figure in (c) shows a quarter of a circle in a square. Find the area and the perimeter of each figure in terms of ?.
  29. math

    Given: ?KLM, KL = LM = 13in, KM = 10in. Find: The area of ?KLM I got for the area 12?34 but its wrong :(
  30. math

    Justin is 3 years older then Sam, and Justin’s age in 2 years will be twice what Sam’s age was 3 years ago. Find their present ages. i got 14 and 17 but the answer is wrong
  31. math

    Richard is 6 years older than Lisa, and in 5 years the sum of their ages will be twice as much as the sum of their ages 4 years ago. Find their present ages.
  32. geometry

    for the area i got 36 (right?)
  33. geometry

    Given: ?AKL, AK = 9 m?K = 90o m?A = 60 ° Find: The perimeter of ?AKL The area of ?AKL for this one i got 81 for the perimeter side a 6 and side b is 12
  34. geometry

    so the answer is 6?
  35. geometry

    In ?ABC, m?ACB = 90°, and m?ACD = 45°. Find:AC, if CD =6?2 in. can u put answer and solution
  36. Geometry

    In the ?PQR, PQ = 39 in, PR = 17 in, and the altitude PN = 15 in. Find QR. can u guys show how to solve the problem(plz include answer) i got 42 by using the pythagorean theorem i am not sure if i am correct but can u check it
  37. Economicsquiz soon! HELP!!!...

    I don't get when to use the 7.65% and then the 1.45% How do you calculate the following below...given: number of hours worked-952 Hourly pay- $120.50 ______________________________ A. Gross pay for the year B. FICA Taxes C. Federal Income Tax D. Net Pay (A-B-C=_ ) right? ...
  38. Economics (help!)

    Isn't the gross pay for the year = number of hours worked (times*) hourly pay? ... If so, I get that part. I am not sure to do the others though...?
  39. Economics

    I don't get when to use the 7.65% and then the 1.45% How do you calculate the following below...given: number of hours worked-952 Hourly pay- $120.50 ______________________________ A. Gross pay for the year B. FICA Taxes C. Federal Income Tax D. Net Pay (A-B-C=_ ) right? ...
  40. physics

    if the weather channel guessed that it would rain, you would not believe them even if they have evidence of a thunder storm. My sister said that she assumed that the ball's speed would be the same going up and down so she gave "evidence" for why she thought the ...
  41. math

    Given: ∆ABC is isosceles m∠ACB = 120° m∠BMC = 60° CM = 12 Find: AB can you guys help I'm really struggling with proofs (statement and reasons)
  42. Chem

    If test tube 1: 2 grams KNO3 test tube 2: 4 grams KNO3 test tube 3: 6 grams KNO3 test tube 4: 8 grams KNO3 Why would test test tube #1 take longer to recrystallize?
  43. Math

    Mr.Rivas bought a can of paint.He used 3/8 of it to paint a bookshelf. He used 1/4 of it to paint a wagon. He used some of it to paint a birdhouse and has 1/8 of paint left. How much did he use for the birdhouse
  44. math

    I did it a vary different way and i meant 16, i think i pressed that wrong key and for the slower car i got 42 not sure how though but thanks for your help Steve!
  45. math

    Two trucks are traveling in the same direction, one going twice as fast as the other. At the end of 6 hours they are 204 miles apart. How fast is each travelling? Can you guys show me the answer i got 68 and 146 but its wrong
  46. math

    Solve the equation for x. For each of the following problems is it possible for x to be equal to: 1? (x+m)/(x?1)=1 If m ? -1, there are no solutions\ if m=1, the solution is ? Ii do not now how to find the solution for if m=1 but i got all real numbers, but my teacher says ...
  47. math

    sorry i just realized that i tied that under my sister's name :)
  48. math

    The width of a rectangle is equal to m cm, but its length is five times greater than the width. Find the area of the rectangle. is the answer m*5m=6m
  49. math

    1/225b^{(3m+10)} can you guys simplify this ^_^
  50. Physics

    You exert a force of 200 N at an angle of 15 degrees above horizontal to pull a 10 kg box across the floor at constant velocity. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the floor is 0.42, what is the acceleration of the box?
  51. Calculus

    Suppose that you are to make a rectangular box with a square base from two different materials. The material for the top and four sides of the box costs $1/ft2$1/ft2; the material for the base costs $2/ft2$2/ft2. Find the dimensions of the box of greatest possible volume if ...
  52. algebra 2

    Write a quadratic equation with roots 2 - 3i and 2 + 3i. I just need confirmation I did it correctly. I got y = x^2-4x+13
  53. math

    Mom has 2 apples and 3 bananas. Every morning for 5 days she is going to give her son an apple or a banana. What is the probability that the boy will get a banana at least two days in a row during these five days?
  54. math

    A student has passed 60 percent of the 20 quizzes he has written so far successfully. If the student writes 50 quizzes during the year, and passes 80 percent of the remaining quizzes successfully, what would his average percentile be? same with this one
  55. math

    i think it's right
  56. math

    The ratio of the number of Mimi’s Eminem cd’s to the number of Rita’s Eminem cd’s is 5:8. Rita has 18 more Eminem cd’s than Mimi. If Rita gives 22cd’s to Mimi, what will be the new ratio of the number of Mimi’s Eminem cd’s to Rita’s...
  57. math

    I got 14 and it wrong
  58. math

    I got 54.(4) but my teacher says its wrong
  59. math

    It takes 18 electricians 35 days to wire a new housing subdivision. How many days would 28 electricians require to do the same job?
  60. English

    "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Can someone check to see if these are right? Much appreciated. I tried to include the quotes to make it a little easier. 1. The narrator's attitude towards the setting in lines 1-5 is best described as ? " ...
  61. Calculus

    Ship A is moving east at 20 miles per hour, while ship B is moving north at 15 miles per hour. At noon ship A was 5 miles east of an island, and ship B was 75 miles south of the island. At what rate is the distance of the ships changing at 1 pm?
  62. math

    the answer is neither
  63. math

    State whether the lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Show your work.x–5y=103 and –2x=–206–10y i got neither is that right
  64. algebra

    Find the coordinates of the points of intersection of the graphs with coordinate axes:y=−1.5x+3
  65. algebra

    Find the coordinates of the points of intersection of the graph of y=13−x with the axes and compute the area of the right triangle formed by this line and coordinate axes. can u guys plz find answer + explain this problem is really hard and confusing 2 me
  66. English

    did you ever get the answer? i need help really bad
  67. Statistics

    Scores on an SAT test have a mean of μ = 1026 and a standard deviation of σ = 209. Compute the margin of error of the sample mean for a random sample of 100 students.
  68. Statistics

    The weight of luggage that a randomly selected airline passenger brings onto a flight has a mean of 35 lbs and a standard deviation of 6 lbs. If a flight has 80 passengers, within what range would the average weight of their luggage fall with 95% certainty?
  69. Chemistry

    What is the molar volume of pure water at 22 degrees Celsius?
  70. Is it possible if you guys can check my algebra HW

    can you check this one: green one has 9 more bushes of red currant than garden two. if 3 bushes from garden 2 were placed in garden 1 then garden 1 will have 1.5 times more bushes than garden two. how many bushes were in garden one i got no solutions x-9+3=x-3 0=3
  71. Is it possible if you guys can check my algebra HW

    -3x+2*(-x) x=0
  72. Is it possible if you guys can check my algebra HW

    two bags had 100 kilograms of sugar each. After taking out 3 times as much sugar from bag one than bag two , bag one had half as much sugar was bag two.How much sugar is left in each bag? i got 9 kilogram in bag on 1 and 0 grams in bag 2
  73. math

  74. math

    i did am not really sure how u got that
  75. math

    Jammed is building a two story house in which the top floor is 12feet above the bottom floor the local building code specifies that the hight of a step cannot be above 7.5 inches what is the maximum height of a step in a staircase that jammed can construct between the floors ...
  76. math

    is 15 the correct answer
  77. math

    two sides of a triangle are 15cm and 18 cm in length. the altitude tossed is 10cm what is the length of the altitude to the 15 cm side?
  78. math

    Insert symbols from order of operations to make the statements true: 14 2 5 5 = 10 2 8 9 5 = 34 40 8 7 3 =32
  79. Social Studies (check my answers)

    'Yes' is right!!!! I just got 100%!
  80. Maths

    Given sec θ =(square root) 10 and tan θ = 3, determine the following, csc(90° − θ)
  81. Maths

    If sinθ = (square root) 3/2 , find the value of θ in degrees (0 < θ < 90°)
  82. English

    B is wrong. It is C
  83. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution prepared by mixing 50.0 mL of 0.010 mol/L HCl(aq) and 50.0 mL of 0.010 mol/L Ca(OH)2(aq)? Assume the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. Additional information given: Kw = 1.0×10^−14 at 25 degrees Celsius. The possible answers are: A) 2....
  84. enlish part 1

    A Lincoln Preface is an example of what kind of writing?
  85. math

    and i was the one who did not show the work
  86. Chemistry


    I'm showing the procedure of the lab and what was asked. What I have question on is towards the end. Much help would be appreciated a lot!! First I had to balance the equation given to me: 2 Na HCO3 (s) Δ over arrow (produces) Na2 CO3 (s) + CO2 (g) + H2O (g). From the...

    I only did that ^ to get your attention. Thankyou for your help.. 2. so is it 2.9000 because technically that's wrong cuz theres 3 digits on the right of the period right? or is it 20.900 but that woudn't make sense. even if it was 02.900, the zero wouldn't matter...

    I'm showing the procedure of the lab and what was asked. What I have question on is towards the end. Much help would be appreciated a lot!! First I had to balance the equation given to me: 2 Na HCO3 (s) Δ over arrow (produces) Na2 CO3 (s) + CO2 (g) + H2O (g). From the...
  90. Chemistry

    1. Would it be advisable to determine the freezing point of pure p-dichlorobenzene with one thermometer and the freezing point of the solution with a different one? Explain. 2. If 0.150 mole of a nonvolatile non-electrolyte solute is present in 1200g of water, what are the ...
  91. English

    Why do u put like three stars in the end is the the answer
  92. Algebra 2

    Find the x and y intercepts for the following parabolas. y=(x+12)^2-144 y=(x-8)^-4
  93. math

    A.) write the rational expression as an equivalent expression whose denominator is the given polynomial. 1.) 6/7x^2y = ________/49x^3y^2 B.) perform the indicated operations, simplify if possible. 2.) x^2-3x-4/x^2-16 x x+4/3x-9
  94. Algebra

    A 6 m by 9 m swimming pool is surrounded by a deck which has a constant width. How wide is the deck if its area equals the area of the pool? I got 6*9=54 so for the deck xy=54 but I don't know where to go.
  95. Algebra

    Great Job Steve, I like that you didn't put only the answer. I needed help with the last one and you really helped.
  96. AP Chemistry

    Hey guys! I have answers, but am confused. Please and thanks for any help! A) Which of the following is false? 1.A spontaneous change occurs by itself without assistance. 2.The greater the statistical probability of a state, the greater is its entropy. 3.A non-spontaneous ...
  97. AP Chem (Conceptual Questions)

    Hey guys! If you could just please, look over a few of these conceptual problems because I'm pretty confused? (I put what I think is the answer below each question). Thank you for any help in advance!!!! A.Which statement *does not* apply to a heterogeneous catalyst? 1.It ...
  98. AP Chem

    Hey guys! I'm not really stuck on this problem, but I was wondering if someone could look it over to make sure that what I did makes sense. Thank you: 1) Balance this equation. What is the coefficient in front of I2? IO− + I− --> I2 in acidic solution Maybe ...
  99. AP Chemistry

    I'm so sorry to bother you guys again! Stuck on two other questions: 1. In the following equilibrium: NaCl(s) Na+(aq) + Cl–(aq), would adding more NaCl(s) increase the Cl-(aq) concentration? Explain why. My thoughts: I thought that it wouldn't increased the Cl- ...
  100. AP Chem (Thanks!)

    Hey guys! Stuck on some! My maybe answers are written next to the problem (1 problem-5 parts). Thanks for any help: 1. Lead (II) chromate, PbCrO4, is a slightly soluble salt. Write a net ionic equation for the dissolution of solid PbCrO4 in water. My thoughts: PbCrO4+2H+-->...
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