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  1. Heads Up To Ms. Sue

    There is an impostor by the name of "Ms,Sue" the same as you, except a comma. And, to make your day better, I found someone who really likes you by the name of "Ms.Sue is awesome" Have a great day! ~ Sorry, Private!
  2. English (Please help!)

    I think B and D are correct, if one isn't correct then I'll do the other questions and come back to this one last.
  3. English (Please help!)

    Okay, thanks for letting me know!
  4. English (Please help!)

    I know that E. is correct and think that A. is too.
  5. English (Please help!)

    Which rules are correct for punctuating poems? Select all that apply. A. Use hyphens in compound words or between double adjectives that modify a noun. B. Use dashes in compound words or between double adjectives that modify a noun. C. Use commas to separate units of meaning. ...
  6. science

    2H2Oliquid ----> 2 H2 gas + O2 gas that is chemical
  7. Math

    g(x) = a b^x 25 = a b^30 40 = a b^10 a = 25/b^30 a = 40/b^10 so 25/b^30 = 40/b^10 40/25 = b^10/b^30 1.6 = b^10/b^30 ln 1.6 = ln b^10 - ln b^30 = 10 ln b -30 lb b = -20 ln b ln b = -.470/20 = -.0235 b = .9768 now 25 = a b^30= a(.494) a = 50.6 so g(x) = a b^x is g(x) =50.6 *....
  8. Social studies

    Three reason why caribbean musicians may wish to promote their particular style of music
  9. Ms Sue, please look at this.

    I see this A LOT, actually. It's hard to find everything, because so many people are cursing, saying rude things (take a look at the first ever Jiskha question..), and giving "100 percent, it's true!!!" answers.... Maybe one day we'll able to rid this ...
  10. physics

    g = 1.62 m/s^2 = 0.00162 not 0.0162 km/s^2 but I suspect you have other unit errors 1.453 km/s * 3600 = 5231 km/hr which is awful fast I get 651 km using your data with the g repaired
  11. Calculus

    Would the radius be 1/4 then?
  12. Calculus

    How would you find the radius of convergence when you end up with something like |8x - 1| < 1? Do I divide everything by 8 and get a radius of 1/8?
  13. physics

    In which situation is no work being done? a person carrying a box from one place to another a person picking up a box from the ground a person pushing a box from one place to another a person pulling a box from one place to another
  14. Algebra

    A = 5000 (1.12)^20 = 5000 * 9.646293 = 48,231.47
  15. Math

    add 3 to both sides y-3+3 = y -8+3 = -5 so y = -5
  16. Math

    -9 - 7 = u + 7 - 7 -16 = u + 0 u = -16
  17. can not see figure

    Copy and paste does not work on this site.
  18. Math

    I assume you mean in EACH of the first three years: 11,500 * .95*.95*.95 = $9,859.81
  19. Math

    1.15 * 8,000
  20. Science

    total of 20 north total of 50 east magnitude = sqrt (400 +2500)= 10 sqrt 29 tan angle north of east = 2/5 = 0.4 angle n of e = 21.8 deg
  21. physics

    again and again the same question ! I told you how to do the cannonball.
  22. Physics

    These questions are really the same as the cannon ball one you asked below and I told you how to do.
  23. Physics

    u = 27.3 cos 49 forever Vi = 27.3 sin 49 at start v = Vi - gt h = Vi t - (1/2)g t^2 at ground, h = 0 so t = 2 Vi/g = Vi/4.9 now do it
  24. math /science

    how do I convert 2.56m/s^2 to km/s^2
  25. algebra

    distance = speed * time
  26. algebra

    340 m/s * 59 s =
  27. physics

    xi is initial length x is total length with stretch x-xi is stretch F = k(x-xi) 4 = k (14 -xi) 6 = k(4) k = 6/4 = 3/2 4 = (3/2)(14-xi) 8 = 42 -3xi 3 xi = 34 xi = 11 1/3
  28. Math

    original angle * (35/28)
  29. Physics

    Sure, The angular momentum of the total bug/disk system has to remain constant since there is no external torque. The moment of inertia of the system decreases, so the angular velocity of the disc increases. There is therefore a tangential force exerted on the disk by the bug...
  30. Physics

    A bug sits on the edge of a rotating disk. Later, the bug begins to move toward the center of the disk. Does the bug exert a torque on the disk?
  31. math

    The volume of metal in a scale model of an mobile phone tower is 54 cm^3. The scale was 1:50. It required 5 ml of paint to give the model one coat. Find the volume of mental in cubic metres would be required to build the tower.
  32. math

    two numbers rolled can be added to get a sum. Find P(sum is even) is it 1/4 ?
  33. Calculus

    Find the radius of convergence of the series from n=0 to infinity of ((9x-4)^(2n+1))/(n^(3/2)). I think it is 5/9.
  34. math plz help! urgent!

    It costs Marie $25 overhead and then an additional $1.25 to make each barrette. She charges $3.50 for each one. Write a function to model Marie's profit? A) P = 2.25x - 25 B) P = 4.75x + 25 C) P = 2.25x + 25 D) P = 3.5x - 26.25 2) Thompson High School had a population of ...
  35. 9th Grade English

    Thank you very much Ms. Sue!
  36. 9th Grade English

    Hi, I have a research project about this question: "What are the reasons some people feel certain books should be banned?" In my lesson, it said to look for information about the history of banned books. I need 3 websites pertaining to this topic. Also, one of the ...
  37. physics

    did you ever think of google? Or your class text - surely it explains and demonstrates it.
  38. math

    Area of a triangle = 1/2 * base * height -------------- Base = 7 Height = 4 -------------- Area of one triangle = 1/2 * 7 * 4 -------------- Multiply the area of one triangle by 4 to get your final answer.
  39. math

    i think it is c but i am not sure
  40. world history

    I agree with Writeacher
  41. ss

    I think it is a but here are the answers I can choose from to create jobs and industries it would strengthen the economy it would weaken the economy it would create new jobs and strengthen the economy
  42. ss

    the discovery of the new oil field in North Dekoda had what effect on the United States
  43. Calculus

    Find how many terms are required to approximate the sum of the series from 1 to infinity of (-1)^(n+1)/(n^3) with an error of less than 0.001. I think 11 terms are required.
  44. S.S help please thank you

    You haven't shown us any graphic organizer. Also, Ms. Sue and all the other tutors, this question is from Connexus, so if anyone just flat-out gives the answer, please ban them.
  45. precalculus

    cot(x) = cos(x)/sin(x) ------------------------------ Now you have: [cos(x)/sin(x)] - cos(x) + cos(x) ------------------------------ What's the answer?
  46. precalculus

    cotxsinx - cosx + cosx Does this equal cos x ? cos/sin * sin = cosx
  47. math

    thanks ms.sue how do you find the surface area of a prism its the only part im stuck on a certain question i have to solve the surface area of 2 prisms then multiply then together so please explain
  48. math

    unit 2 lesson 14 help please- when i found answers ill post on here
  49. Science

    Is it B
  50. Science

    In approximately what year did oil and gas become the dominant fuels for the US? 1880 1910 1940 1970 2000
  51. Science

    What happens to air and water during the steps of cloud formation?
  52. Chemistry

    In which of the following bonds does nitrogen carry a slightly negative charge? (8-) Select one: a. N-N b. N-C c. N-O d. N-F
  53. math

    Use the equation (x - x/5 - 3/4(x/5))/5 to find the amount in each container. Choose a "convenient" value for x, which represents the total amount of flour, and divide the amount in each container by the total amount to get the fraction.
  54. Physics

    A bug sits on the edge of a rotating disk. Later, the bug begins to move toward the center of the disk. Does the bug exert a torque on the disk?
  55. Math

    Just to clarity to simplify (1+?3) / (1-?3) to multiple (1+?3) / (1+?3) OR (1-?3) / (1-?3) both seems to result the same answer, I'm not sure but people usually multiple by (1-?3) / (1-?3) ? Thanks
  56. Chemistry

    If a balloon has the volume of 5.00 L at 25 C what is its volume when you put the balloon in a freezer at -12 C?
  57. Physics

    Wouldn't it be that the disk's momentum is decreasing, but that of the bug-disk system is the same (because the question is asking about the former)?
  58. Physics

    A bug sits on the edge of a disk as the disk rotates counterclockwise. Later, the bug starts to move in the direction of the disk's rotation. Does the disk's angular momentum increase, decrease, or stay the same?
  59. Social Studies

    @flybird Please, please do what Writeacher said and carefully read the instructions! You can also do research if you are still having trouble. For example, google the following: what are the elements of a persuasive paragraph? and : how can I make a persuasive paragraph?
  60. Social Studies

    *Wikipedia, not Wikapedia!
  61. Social Studies

    What is your question exactly?
  62. Social Studies--@flybird

    Of course, I can't help nearly as much as the beloved tutors on here.
  63. Social Studies

    This is paragraph form, "Modern humans (Homo sapiens, ssp. Homo sapiens sapiens) are the only extant members of the subtribe Hominina, a branch of the tribe Hominini belonging to the family of great apes. They are characterized by erect posture and bipedal locomotion; ...
  64. precalc

    prove the identity : cos3x =4 cos^3x-3cosx
  65. English grammer

    Use the conjunctions as,for,since,while in the sentence 1.the sun was very was still summer. 2.she can find the way.she is so clever. 3.he began to get was getting dark 4.mona read a book.the baby slept.
  66. Math

    geometry help ) The diagonals BF and CE divide the hexagon ABCDEF into two equilateral triangles and a square. Find the perimeter of the hexagon if BF = 3 cm.
  67. Science

    Thank you for the link, Ms.Sue =)
  68. Science

    I am doing a project right now and I'm kind of confused. I did an experiment and this is a question asked "Scientists changed the independent variable to learn about the Mpemba Effect. What did you learn from your results? Do you agree that the Mpemba Effect is real?&...
  69. Calculus

    The Department of Agriculture is monitoring the spread of mice by placing 100 mice at the start of the project. The population, P, of the rats is expected to grow according to the differential equation dP/dt equals the product of 0.04 times P and the quantity 1 minus P over ...
  70. chemistry

    balanced equation of the ester of methyl alcohol and salicylic acid?
  71. algebra

    26 23/27 is 106 2/11 percent of what number?
  72. Geometry

    Nevermind it is A
  73. Geometry

    What is the magnitude and direction of the PQ??? with tail and head points P(-6, 0) and Q(2, 4)? Select one: a. 8.9 units, 26.6° north of east b. 8.9 units, 63.4° north of east c. 13.4 units, 0° east
  74. Math

    For Uncle Joe's dairy farm with 200 cows the cost of a methan digester is about 400 dollars. ASsume that the farm uses 800,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year at a cost of $0.20 per kwh. The waste from a single cow can produce 2.0 kwh of electricity each day. ...
  75. algebra

    An insurance salesperson earns a commission of 3% of the first 5000 dollars on insurance that he sells each week and 4 percent of the value in excess of 5000 dollars. One week he earned a commission of 320 dollars. What was the total value of the insurance that he sold during ...
  76. Math

  77. Social Studies

    Thank you
  78. Social Studies

    A system in which a series of workers and machines work to add individual parts to a product is known as a(n)_______and it ______. a. assembly line/helped Georgia's economy by increasing production rates*** b. installment plan/helped consumers purchase on credit c. surplus...
  79. biology

    Critique two scientific models that explain the origin of life. Thanks!
  80. Math

  81. Ratio, proportions, and percentages

    A 6 foot tall man is standing near a tree on level ground as shown in the picture above the tree is 18ft if the man's shadow is 4ft long, how many feet tall is the tree
  82. Math

    (24 / x) + [24 / (x + 5)] = 11 24(x + 5) + 24 x = 11 x (x + 5) 48 x + 120 = 11 x^2 + 55 x 11 x^2 + 7 x - 120 = 0 find x by factoring or quadratic equation
  83. English - poetry

    I need help to proof check my annotations for this poem and to tell me which poetic devices/techniques I am missing (annotations are all the way at the bottom). Poem: For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon Rhyme scheme will be shown as "A, B, C, D" as per regular. Thank ...
  84. Biology Calculation

    p+q=1 (p+q)(p+q)=p^2+2pq+q^2=1 548/1400=0.391=p^2 p=sqrt(0.391)=0.625 q=1-0.625=0.375 q^2=(0.375)^2=0.1406 1400*(.1406)=196.88 I think!!!!!!!!
  85. Biology Calculation

    I got 197, is that correct?
  86. Biology Calculation

    If you had 1400 flies with 852 having red eyes and 548 having brown eyes, how many flies would be homozygous dominant red eye?
  87. stats

    yes but i couldn't find a definitive answer?
  88. stats

    Is the chi squared test used for continuous/discontinuous data? I think its continuous.
  89. Chemistry

    62.2 mg (1/2)^(105/12.3)
  90. New Mexico History

    1. Based on the changes in New Mexico's population after World War II, which conclusion is supported? A.) Economic changes made new mexico a difficult place to make a living B.) New mexico climate was believed to be dangerous and unhealthy C.) people were concerned that ...
  91. math Question

    i adde them together and it equals 180 so it cannot be a acute
  92. math Question

    classify the triangle by its angles and its sides. Explain how you knew which classifications to use. top of the triangle is 70 degrees, bottom right is 45 degrees and bottom left is 65.
  93. New Format?

    Did Jiskha get a site-wide formatting update? I would suggest next to add buttons that say "B" for bold, "U" for underline, and "I" for italics. Nice!
  94. Math

    x is number of apples
  95. Math

    First tray apple is 1/5 bad, second tray apple is less 5 apples and 1/4 bad apple, write equation tray 1 in terms of x and solve x
  96. Math

    A soccer team played a total of 27 matches and the ratio wins to losses was 7:2. How many games did the team win and how many did it lose?
  97. Math

    the volume of a solid scale mode of the tower is 70 cm^3. the scale is 1÷100, what volume of mental in cubic meter would be required to build the tower?
  98. Chemistry

    Identify the oxidation-reduction reactions from the following list, and justify why. i) Hydrochloric acid neutralising sodium hydroxide. ii) Electrolysis of water iii) Esterification of ethanol and ethanoic acid iv) Iron nail in copper sulfate solution (I think helping me with...
  99. Math

    P = R + 3 E = 2 R R + E = 81 ... R + 2 R = 81 ... R = ? substitute back to find E and P
  100. math

    The higher the negative number, the least in order it is . Also, if you're having trouble with the fractions, convert them into decimals.
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