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  1. Science

    A boy walks 100 m north then walks 50 m east and then 80 m south. Calculate the net displacement.
  2. Science

    Plz advise for this whether you have used displacement= final position - initial position Displacement = 1 - 0
  3. Science

    Please advice how it is east when the man is travelling west. Thank you.
  4. Science

    If a man travels 2 km towards east and returns back 1 km. What is the displacement?.
  5. Science

    Distance 55 m time 10.30 am and distance 255 m time 10.32 am. Find the avg. Speed. Plz advice how total time is being calculated.
  6. Science

    1. A body is moving along a circular path of radius R. What will be the distance covered and the displacement of the body after half a revolution? 2. A person starts from his house and travels a circular distance of 15 km around the walled city before returning back. What is (...
  7. Math

    13.47 m Thank you.
  8. Math

    For painting a triangular courtyard and a square courtyard, an equal amount of paint is required. if the edges of the triangular courtyard measure 16.5 m, 27.5 m and 22 m, find the length of the square courtyard, correct up to 2 decimal places.
  9. Math

    47.61 m squared. Thank you.
  10. Math

    A gardener has to lay a grass lawn, leaving space for an 80 cm wide concrete path along the inside edge of a square garden with an area of 72.25 meter square. what will be the area of the grass lawn?
  11. mathematics

    How much water is needed to fill half of the container?long 8centimeters,6centimeters high,wide10 centimeters please formula and explanation
  12. mathematics

    How much water is needed to fill half of the container?long 8centimeters,6centimeters high,wide10 centimeters
  13. Algebra

    ax2+bx+c=0 ; where a and b are constant.
  14. Math exponent & radicals

    If 4^x-4^x-1=24 find the value of x
  15. Math

    Calculate the weight of 6.022 into 10 to the power 23 formula units of calcium carbonate
  16. physic

    if the length of wire is incrase by 20% then?what is the % incrase in resistance
  17. Maths, physics, chemistry,

    The weight of H2C2O4.2H2O required to prepare 500 ml of 0.2N solution is a)126g b)12.6g c)63g d)6.3g
  18. quantitative methods

    If for a Poisson variate x,P(x=0)=P(x=1) = k, prove that k=1/e. Lesson name Poisson distribution
  19. quantitative methods

    A six faced is so constructed that the probability of getting an even number is twice the probability of getting an odd number. Find the probabilities that out of 5 trials (1)all the five will give even numbers (3)2 or 3 trails will give even numbers ....find by binomial ...
  20. Maths Mensuration

    2pieh (2r+h)
  21. mathematics

  22. mathematics

  23. science

    advantages and disadvantages of difusion
  24. Maths

    In an exhibition , an umbrella is made by stitching 8 triangular pieces of cloth with some message written on two triangular pieces . If each piece measures 26 cm , 26 cm and 12 cm . Find how much cloth is required for each message.
  25. physics

    Is it southeast direction.
  26. physics

    Si unit of specific inductive capacity?
  27. science

    Does sodium nitrate turn the phenolphthalein indicator pink ?
  28. math

    The length of the wire will be equal to the circumference of four semicircles that were made from it. So, if the diameter of one semicircle is 32 cm, then the radius is = 32/2 cm = 16 cm. Now, the circumference of a circle is 2*(pi)*(radius). Here we have a semi-circle, so its...
  29. math

    The answer is ant=46. If you are interested in finding out the steps through which we arrived at this answer, please email me at testemailfordg2(at)gmail(dot)com
  30. chemistry

    What is the volume of 3.11×10 to the power 23. Molecules of NH3 at S.T.P
  31. maths

    How can we find the g.p h.p
  32. mathematics

    13 cm
  33. science

    Why it is important to know the history of science in 300 words?
  34. commerce

    fixed cost is 40000 and variable cost are 60 percent of sales. If sales decrease by 20 percent then what is break even point?
  35. Physics

    The resultant of two vectors a and b is perpendicular to the vector a and its magnitude is equal to the half magnitude of vector b the find angle between a and b
  36. Maths

    Let x be the no. of questions I got right and y be the no. of question I got wrong. So, x+y=40........(1) & 4x-2y-21=25 4x-2y=46 2x-y=23........(2) comparing equations (1) and (2) 3x=63 x=21......(3) putting the value of equation (3) in equation (1) 21+y=40 y=19 So, 21 ...
  37. math

    in a isosceles triangle if two equal sides are 3.5 meter long is third side?
  38. Adverb objects 2 Check please

  39. Delft Solar Cell

    Consider a crystalline PV module with the following output parameters mentioned at STC (Standard Testing Condition) conditions by the manufacturer. Pmax = 250W Voc = 50V Isc = 6A NOCT = 40°C Temperature coefficient of power = -1W/°C a) If the ambient temperature falls ...
  40. chemistry

  41. geometry

    The angles in triangle ABC satisfy 6sin∠A=3√3sin∠B=2√2sin∠C. If sin2∠A=a/b, where a and b are coprime positive integers, what is the value of a+b?
  42. geometry

    ABCD is a parallelogram. Let C′ be a point on AC extended such that the length of AC′=1.2AC. Let D′ be on the segment BD such that the length of BD′=0.9BD. The ratio of the area of the quadrilateral ABC′D′ to the area of the parallelogram ...

  44. math

    The sum of 4 term of an G. P. Is 15/32 and sum of infinite term of same G.P. Is equal to 1/3
  45. Dav nandraj:science

    In this case what will be the direction of displacement.
  46. Maths

    what is the integration of dx/Cos^4(x)
  47. Physics

    Find the average velocity of a projetile between the instants it crosses half the maximum heght.It is projected with a speed u at an angle ø(thita) with horizontal.
  48. Science

    how many gram of oxygen in persent in 36 gram of water?
  49. physics

    In this concept a=force/mass.if mass is doubled the a will be half according to first a.
  50. mathematics

    find the maximum value of √3 cosθ-sinθ.???
  51. mathematics

    if sin a=0.5 then find the value of cos3a
  52. Maths

    the sum of two opposite angles of a parallelogram is 150.find the angles of the parallelogram.
  53. physics

  54. oscillation nad waves

    find the equivalent spring constant for a system of two spring of constant k 1 and k2 connected in series .use your result to explain to explain what happens when a sprin g of constant k is cut into two equal halves
  55. math

  56. Math

    Two sums of money are proportional to 8:9.n if the first is 20/- the other is
  57. Math

    Rectangular plate is 6m wide and 12m long two holes of 2diameter have been gay cut in plate calculate the are of remaining plat?
  58. Geometry

    Perimeter of a right angled trangle is 40 cm. Hypotenus is 17cm. Find the area. Urgent help required. Thanks in advance