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  1. Math

    You could also change your mixed fractions to improper and you would have 11/5 - 6/5 which is equal to 5/5 which is equal to 1 : )
  2. S.S

    In the election of 1856, Millard Fillmore was the Know-Nothing candidate and received 21 percent of the popular vote. What conclusion could be drawn from this fact? A. A significant number of people opposed slavery. B. A significant number of people were in favor of temperance...
  3. S.S

    ok thank you for helping :)
  4. S.S

    5. The Underground Railroad used escape routes that went throughout the South. Based on that fact, which of the following conclusions could be made? (1 point) A. The Southern states were leaning toward emancipation of the slaves. B. Slaves were hopeful to acquire jobs in ...
  5. Trigonometry

    A pilot wants to maintain a course of 40° and a ground speed of 300 mph against a 45 mph wind from 20° west of north. What should his heading be?
  6. Trigonometry

    a small blimp has an air speed of 24km/h on a heading of 42°. The wind's speed is 9 km/h and its direction is 312°. Find the ground speed and drift angle of the blimp.
  7. Trigonometry

    An airplane is traveling at 650 mph on a heading of 255°. The wind is blowing from a bearing of 320° at 28 mph. What is the ground speed and the actual bearing of the airplane? P.S. I prefer the law of cosine/sine method
  8. Trigonometry

    An airplane with a speed of 485 km/h is traveling with a heading of 83.5°. The wind velocity is 38 km/h in the direction of 191°. Find the ground speed of the airplane. P.S. How do you solve this problem by only using the law of cosine/sine method?
  9. Math

    The triangle inequality theorem states that the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the length of the third side. The lengths of two sides of a triangle are 15 ft and 27 ft. Find the possible lengths of the third side. The third side must have a ...
  10. Trigonometry

    A person can swim at a speed of 2 kilometers per hour in still water. If he heads across a river at right angles to current of 5 kilometers per hour, find his speed in relation to the land and the direction in which he actually moves.
  11. Trigonometry

    An airplane is headed southwest (bearing 225°) with an air speed of 550 miles per hour, with the wind blowing from the northwest (bearing 135°) at a speed of 110 miles per hour. Find the drift angle, ground speed, and the course of the airplane.
  12. Trigonometry

    An airplane is headed on a bearing of 140° with an air speed of 500 miles per hour. The course has a bearing of 128°. The ground speed is 580 miles per hour. Find the drift angle, the wind direction, and the wind speed.
  13. Statistics

    That means the center of the x-axis on your normal curve has the number 15 (the mean of 15), then 1 z score to the left is the number 11, and one to the right of the 15 is 19. We know that 68% of all the data pieces lay within one standard deviation of the mean. Continue ...
  14. Statistics

    Use your stats tables to locate your answers : ) Remember that your tables read less than : )
  15. Algebra 1

    Or... just put your 4mp and 3mp together and factor the trinomial : ) 4m^2 + 7mp + 3p^2
  16. Algebra 1

    You have a few options... If you group the terms then you will have a common factor at the end. (4m^2 + 4mp)+ (3mp + 3p^2) This should get you started : )
  17. Math

    The sum is 15 so... x + y = 15 and their difference is 7 so... x - y = 7 Your choices are substitution (where you re-arrange equation 1 for x or y... and sub it into equation 2). Or elimination where you add up equation 1 and 2, in elimination the y's zero out and you have...
  18. Mathematics

    Draw 4 circles that make your venn diagram. Start in the middle and work your way out. That is place the 3 in the very center of the 4 connected circles : ) Remember that you will have the number 5 outside of the four circles but inside of your Universal set box : )
  19. maths

    Re-arrange for y=mx+b then look at the m value (the slope), re-write your equation with the new slope... which is 5/2 (when you re-arrange the equation). Then use y=(5/2)x + b and sub in your ordered pair (x,y) which is (4, -2)and solve for b : ) Then re-write the equation ...
  20. math

    It is in the real number system, as well as the rational number set (it is not irrational because it stops (terminates) at the 7.
  21. Math

    24*(1/4) = 6 So 24 - 6 = 18 18* (2/5) = then add that to the $6 he spent the first time : ) and you have your answer.
  22. Math

    For #3 if you just count them... 1st oldest 2nd oldest 3 4 5 6 7 Niko (8th oldest, and 12th youngest) 11th youngest 10th 9th 8th 7th 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd first youngest... And count those lines you will see the number of students is not 21
  23. Math

    For #1 B is the correct answer :)
  24. math

    You could graph the circle and the line and SEE the point(s) of intersection. Or since the line is already re-arranged for y, sub that into the cirle equation and solve for x. And then solve for y : )
  25. Math

    Correct : ) Using the tangent ratio.
  26. Maths

    You could also look at it as a proportion.(cm/km) = (cm/km) (1cm/1km) = (3.4cm/x) Solve for x. Note: this would not be the most intuitive way... but it would get the question completed if you don't see an easier way.
  27. Science

    Do you recall your teacher saying something along the lines... "The velocity of an object is the rate of change of its position with respect to a frame of reference, and is a function of time. Velocity is equivalent to a specification of its speed and direction of motion...
  28. Science

    What do you believe are the correct answers??
  29. Math - Trigonometry

    Yes. You have rounded. But it is correct : )
  30. Math - Trigonometry

    Did you use tan48 = x/4 ? and then solve for x.
  31. math

    60 +35+25+20 = 140 but your logic is good. And your answer of 60 for just Netflix is correct as well : )
  32. math

    One method is to use equivalent fractions until you find a difference of 36. For instance 4/10 = 8/20 and the difference between 20 and 8 is 12. 4/10=12/30 and the difference between 30 and 12 is 18. 4/10=16/40 and the difference is 24... etc
  33. math

    Make it into a proportion... percent is out of 100. So 56/x = 15.625/100 and solve for x
  34. Math

    Thank you so much for your answer, Damon, i'm new to trigonometry and i'd like to know why it's necessary to do 2 - 1.5 to get 0.5? Thanks! much appreciated.
  35. Math

    A ladder is placed so that its foot is 2 m from a wall. The ladder touches the top of a 2 m fence that is 1.5 m from the wall. State how you know the two triangles in the diagram are similar. How high up the wall does the ladder reach?
  36. math

    Let L be the length then the width is (L-3) and we know area is L(W) So Area = (L)(L-3) and Area is 28 so 28=(L)(L-3) use the distributive property then move your equation to the right hand side and solve for the roots : ) Hint the factors of the quadratic are 7 and 4, you ...
  37. Science

    Why don't you make a poster for your portfolio. The information is just a google search away, or use your textbook to get the facts : )
  38. Math

    (2/5)x200=80 So the first charity got 80 200 - 80 = 120 which is left. 120x(1/3)=40 The second charity received 40 cans. so 120-40 = 80 cans left to give to the third home.
  39. Math

    Since 10 times 15 is 150 and 8x15=120 we see that each unit is 15 feet.
  40. maths

    Start with a Principal of $1 and see it grow to $1.75, thus I=PRT and you have I, P and T so solve for R : )
  41. Math

    Use the z-score formula to get your value then look it up : )
  42. Math

    YES : )
  43. Octotarian!

    Wow! Congratulations Ms. Sue! You are sharp as a tack : ) It is exciting that you are still excited to help students understand their studies.
  44. math need help fast

    Wow! Congratulations Ms. Sue! You are sharp as a tack : ) It is exciting that you are still excited to help students understand their studies.
  45. math

    0.492063492 divided by 226
  46. math

    3.72380952 divided by 4.16190476
  47. math

    (3/4 divided by 3/100 - 47/2) divided by 3/2 times 1/2 +7/6 =
  48. math

    (8.75?17/6) divided by 7.1+(9/2+8/3) divided by 43/10
  49. math

    13/6-11/15x=0.15 x=
  50. math

    5/9 divided by x=15/4 x=
  51. math

    3/x=x/12 x=
  52. math

    7/x=12/14 x=
  53. math

    13/6-11/15x=0.15 x=
  54. math

    0.25x-7/6=7/3 x=
  55. math

    0.25x-7/6=7/3 x=
  56. math

    13/6-11/15x=0.15 x=
  57. math

    11/2+0.6x=16 x=
  58. math

    5/9 divided by x=15/4 x=
  59. math

    144/25=x/5 x=
  60. math

    3/x=x/12 x=
  61. math

    7/x=12/14 x=
  62. math

    Solve the problem by making up an equation. A child is 12 years old, and his father is 32 years older. In how many years will the age of the father be 3 times the age of the child? Just tell me the equation.
  63. Math

    Multiply your 36 by 2/3 and then convert to feet : )
  64. Maths

    Do the first 2 years at the regular amount then ADD it to the final five years at the new amount. Both parts using the simple interest equation.
  65. math

    You have a right angle triangle. Just remember where the angle of depression goes and what it means. Then you have the TAN theta ratio with 40 being the adjacent side, and x being the opposite side. And do the math.
  66. physics

    I am sorry Amanda this platform does not allow graphics to be added to your question. Thus without a graph there is no telling where a,b, and c are located.
  67. Calculus

    I am sorry Michael this platform does not support inserting diagrams into your question. Thus m(x) and n(x) could be anything. Again, sorry.
  68. plz help right away!!!

    It is a proportional situation. You have 1cm/4m = 6cm/x, you can cross multiply to get your answer.
  69. math

    Since A=(L)(W) and the L length is twice the width we have A=(2w)(w) and 72=(2w)(w) 72=2w^2 now solve for w
  70. Algebra

    Sub h=16 into the equation and re-arrange to get 0 = ... then factor to solve for the two different times that the height is 16 feet. hint: 0=-16t^2+30t-12
  71. maths

    He spent 2/5th leaving 3/5th but then spent 1/5of 3/5th, which is (1/5)(3/5) so he spent 3/15th. So he has 3/5 - the 3/15 he spent : ) 3/5 - 3/15 = ...

    You could draw a tree diagram it has three branches for the different lengths, then from each of those branches it has 5 branches for the different colours, and from each of those branches it has 2 different styles : ) so... 3 x 5 x 2 is the total number of final branches (...
  73. math

    I=PRT, but the time is 14/12 (as you need to consider years) So I=1850(.08)(14/12)
  74. intermideate lgerbra

    Using the sum of an arithmetic sequence with a=5 and d=4 we have to solve for n (which is the number of rows). so... 780=(n/2)(2a+(n-1)4) but we do the math and get down to 0=4n^2 +6n-1560 which needs the quadratic formula to factor. One of the roots of the quadratic formula ...
  75. extended mathematics

    When you sketch out the diagram... two triangles. Since MN=2ML, and MN=N0, then NO=2ML and it also provides that angle LMN is 90 degrees and since it is an isosceles triange, angle LMN = angle LNM and they are both 45 degrees. Triangle LMN has a similar triange sitting on top ...
  76. alegrba

    65 percent... is out of 100 65/100 reduces by dividing the top and bottom by 5 so... 65/100 = 13/20 and 65% when written as a decimal is 65/100 on your calculator gives you the second one that is also correct. So... the question says choose all that apply... and there are two ...
  77. Science

    How many calories of heat energy are required to melt 20 grams of ice at 0 °C? Answer: _____ calories How many calories of heat are required to evaporate 20 grams of liquid water at 0 °C? Answer: _____ calories
  78. Math

    3/8 th of a litre because there are 8 people sharing the juice (Akio and 7 friends makes 8 people)
  79. Math

    A carpenter has several boards of equal length. He cuts 3/5 of each board. After cutting the boards, the Carpender notices that he has enough pieces left over to make up the same length as four of the original boards. How many boards did the Carpender start with?
  80. physics

    is that all there is to it?
  81. physics

    A 18 kg rock is attached to a 52 N/m spring, you then start to swing the spring above your head in a horizontal circle at 32 radians/s. Calculate how far the spring will stretch during this motion assuming its relaxed length is 1.5meters. Ignore any effects of gravity
  82. algebra 2

    The mass of the particles that a river can transport is proportional to the sixth power of the speed of the river. A certain river normally flows at a speed of 3 miles per hour. What must its speed be in order to transport particles that are 200 times as massive as usual? ...
  83. math

    definition of hypotenuse
  84. math

    How many different right triangles are there with a hypotenuse of length 5 cm?
  85. math

    How many different triangles with sides of measurements of 3, 4, and 5 are there?
  86. math

    83/55 + 93/50 can you give me the actual answer
  87. math

    definition for linear
  88. math

    (3/4 divided by 3/100) divided by 3/2 x 1/2 + 7/6=
  89. math

    83/55 + 93/50
  90. math

    3/x=x/12 what is x
  91. math

    if eight times a number is increased by three the result is 19 more than six times this number. find the number
  92. 8th grade social studies

    The Los Angeles Times Printed an article criticizing the way President Bush was dealing with the economy
  93. algebra

    in a 3 digit number, the tens digit is twice the hundreds digit and 1/2 the units digit. if the digits are reversed, the new number is 49 more than 3 times that of the original number
  94. calculus

    If an arrow is shot upward on Mars with a speed of 52 m/s, its height in meters t seconds later is given by y = 52t ? 1.86t2. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) What is the average speed over the given time intervals? (i) [1, 2] (ii) [1, 1.5] (iii) [1, 1.1] (iv) [1, 1...
  95. Biology

    After a family picnic,Ella dumped the ice and rock salt from ice cream maker in the back yard.that area of yard now contains dead,brown grass. Explain why this happened using word plasmolysis in your explanation.
  96. AP Bio

    Discuss how translocation/transpiration is an adaptation that allows flowering plants to overcome problems of life on land
  97. math

    (4/3 x 4/3) x (3/2 x 3/2) divided by 2 2/5 =
  98. math

    13/3 + 35/4 divided by 21/4 =
  99. math

    how to find triangular numbers
  100. math

    A collection of coins has a value of 64 cents. There are two more nickels than dimes and three times as many pennies as dimes. How many of each kind of coins are there?
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